The Essence of Contemporary Guided Bone Regeneration


  • The fundamental principles in regenerative implant dentistry
  • Concept of selective cell repopulation, use of barrier membrane, and space making
  • Understanding the mucoperiosteal flap & incision design
  • Surgical instrumentation, armamentarium, and devices
    • Piezoelectric surgical device
    • Sutures, graft materials
    • Other contemporary gadgets
  • Contemporary surgical techniques
    • Ridge splitting vs. Onlay block
    • Autologous block vs. Allograft block
    • Tenting with fixation screws & titanium mesh: does it have a place?
  • Biological modifiers & growth factors
    • Concentrated Growth Factors (CGF) – does it make a difference?
    • Understanding the difference in PRP, PRF, CGF, AFG, BMP, and EMD
  • Identifying and managing complications
  • Post-operative care and follow up