Get into Surgical Dentistry Now!


A fast-track review of the 5 important surgical procedures that every general dentist should be competent in.


Contemporary training in dental surgical procedures for general dentists are not comprehensive at most dental schools in the U.S. How much surgery should a dental practitioner do? This is a question that each dental professional needs to answer for themselves. The five surgical procedures covered in this dynamic one-day course, are greatly intertwined with everyday restorative dentistry that there are many benefits when carried out by the clinician in a general practice. The presenter, a dual-board certified periodontist, with 9-years of background as a general dentist, will cover (1) contemporary tooth extraction techniques, including impacted teeth, (2) extraction socket management, including grafting of the socket and site preparation techniques, (3) surgical crown lengthening for pre-prosthetic purposes or for esthetic enhancements, (4) the dental implant placement procedure, and (5) different types of dental suturing techniques.