Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Soft Tissue Handling and Management


What is the role of soft tissue in all this? What should the home care, and professional maintenance protocol be? Do the materials, techniques, and implant systems that a clinician chooses have any bearing on these factors? The presenter will highlight various innovations in soft and hard tissue handling techniques in recent years.


Predictable soft and hard tissue regeneration, so crucial to the clinical success of each case, is highly dependent on the appropriate selection of materials as well as the technique and approach. With abundance of newer materials on the market, the clinician is given the task to adopt the right materials and techniques, often without much scientific guidance.

This 2-day intensive lecture, video, and hands-on workshop will focus on all aspects of soft tissue handling and techniques, as well as the fundamental understanding a clinician needs to overcome this very tricky area. The instructor will review the existing evidence on the science of osseointegration and clinical studies that validate long-term health of dental implant restorations.

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