Clinical Applications of Autologous Blood Concentrates: PRF, CGF, AFG, Sticky Bone™, and the ASAP Protocol


This course covers the use of clinical application of autologous growth factors and protocols for science and biology, techniques, and scientific evidences. Participants will perform venipuncture training and hands-on training on fabrication of PRF, CGF, AFG, and Sticky Bone™ for clinical application.


Utilizing the patient’s own healing potential to accelerate the surgical healing process has been explored in clinical dentistry with the advent of platelet rich plasma (PRP) in the 1990s. Recently, this field has exploded with vast amounts of new technology, techniques, protocols, and scientific evidences. More importantly, undeniable, impressive clinical outcomes are being observed in different parts of the globe by independent researchers and clinicians alike.

The full-day program will cover didactic backgrounds needed to understand the fundamentals, together with clinical cases that exemplify specific indications. The protocols, equipment, and “how-to” will be supplemented with a hands-on portion of the program.

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