GDIA Global Organization, or simply GDIA, will represent the coalition of a number of GDIA Regional Organization. Since the successful launching and operation of Global Dental Implant Academy in the United States (GDIA USA), there has been a strong desire to replicate this model to a number of regions across the globe. To date, GDIA Regional Organizations have been officially formed in Mexico, and in Egypt, with the founding regional directors, Dr. Marco Tulio Alzaga Vega (GDIA Mexico), and Professor Amr H. Elkhadem (GDIA Egypt).
Our vision is to be able to form as many GDIA Regional Organizations together with the cooperation DENTIS Co., LTD (DENTIS)


Global Dental Implant Academy (GDIA) was formed in 2012 with a simple mission in mind:

to advance the field of implant dentistry by providing quality education and training to the dedicated clinicians in this field. Global Dental Implant Academy (GDIA) is committed to achieving this goal through sharing of resources, scientific and clinical knowledge, and collegiality through clinicians, academics, and the dental industry, both locally and globally. With this in mind, Global Dental Implant Academy (GDIA) provides clinical training courses, international symposiums, and research opportunities with leading clinicians from the U.S., Europe, South America, and Asia. Global Dental Implant Academy (GDIA) provides our students, the general dentists, the instruction and opportunity to maximize their clinical practice in performing dental implant surgery. We do this by employing qualified, committed mentors who believe in our mission, to provide and assist in meeting our student’s needs in a private one-to-one session at the student’s convenience. By providing a private mentor program, our students will receive the proper knowledge and attention needed for the student to advance their clinical skills and practice.



  • Inaugural Live-Surgery Soft Tissue Program in Tijuana, Mexico
  • Launching of Official GDIA Webinar
  • Celebration of 30th Live-Patient Surgical Training Program in Tijuana, Mexico
  • DENTIS World Symposium in Seoul, South Korea
  • Established DENTIS/GDIA Branch Office in Pleasanton, (Northern) California
  • DENTIS World Symposium in Madrid, Spain


  • Main host for the GDIA USA Symposium in Anaheim, CA
  • GDIA Turkey Symposium in Antalya, Turkey


  • GDIA Members Reached 50
  • DENTIS World Symposium, Seoul, Korea
  • Launching of “GDIA Global”


  • PIEG/GDIA International Symposium, Antalya, Turkey
  • New “3-Day Basic Live Patient Surgical Implant Program”
  • Online Live Webinar
  • Clinical Case Reports


  • PIEG/GDIA International Symposium, Antalya, Turkey
  • Formed “Monthly Study Clubs”
  • Reconstructed a New Format of “Implant Mentorship Program”


  • DENTIS World Symposium, Praha, Czech Republic
  • Teaser Course
  • Complex Advanced Hands-on Workshop
  • Approved CE Provider by AGD PACE


  • DENTIS GDIA Global Symposium, Los Angeles, California
  • One-on-One Mentorship Program


  • GDIA Founded
  • DENTIS World Symposium, Jeju Island, Korea
  • Formed “Live Patient Surgical Training Program”
  • Formulated “Train-the-Trainer Program”
  • Approved CE Provider by Dental Board of California
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